How does it look?

Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? How do you look?

Is it like mine, on a beach, toes in sand, scribbling stories in the sunshine?

You can have that life. Or any life you choose.


Not ten years from now. Not when you retire. Now.

And here’s the secret (it’s so simple)…

Just let go.

Pry your sweaty hands off the steering wheel of Life and follow the whispers within.

Bathe in your bliss. Dive head-first into your joy. The Universe will catch you. 

Relax in its loving arms. Engage its infinite magic. And prepare to be amazed.

But first you must jump. 

You can’t steal Home with a foot on Third.

You just gotta trust.

The “accidental” writer

In 1994, like some bad movie-of-the-week, a car “accident” stripped away everything I thought important—my health, my relationship, my home, my job and even my ability to support myself. And at 35 years-old, my identity was in question. 

I wallowed in the muck of self-pity for several years trying to get my old life back, i.e. a life that wasn’t working; yet one I resisted letting go. I thought I had nothing else left to lose. And then…my beloved cat of sixteen years died.

That’s when I threw my hands up in surrender. That’s when I gave up trying to make my life work the way I thought it should, and considered maybe there was another way, a better way. 

That’s also when I considered that maybe it wasn’t an “accident”. That maybe everything wasn’t taken away, as much as cleared, to make room for my new life. The life I’d always dreamed of.

The life I’d always dreamed of was a creative one. A life where I could stop and smell the roses…or the lilacs…or whatever else, along my meandering path. 

A life of freedom, joy and growth—those were my touchstones. Those were my longings, the whispers from within that I heard even through my morning tears before heading off to a job I hated.  

Sure, I’d made the occasional halfhearted attempt to follow my bliss—but I always scurried back for the safety of my dreary nine-to-five existence, my fears and desire for a regular paycheque, too strong. 

So, as the Universe works, at the age of 42, without ever having written anything before (and unable to do much else), I “randomly” entered a writing contest. It was a silly little story about my favourite Halloween costume. 

A silly little story that won, and was published in s provincial magazine. 

I had the idea to ask the editor if she’d be interested in another silly story about my life. This time, the story was not only published, but I was paid for it. And just like that I was a professional writer.

It seemed too easy. 

But what I didn’t know then is that's what it feels like when you follow your passions. Easy.  

Nineteen years later, I’ve written over 200 articles for publications such as the LA Times, MoreReaders’ Digest and the Globe & Mail. I’ve written everything from speeches for national politicians, to booklets used at the Olympics, to scripts for info-graphics, to children’s books. 

I’m the author of seven non-fiction books for children including Sable Island: The Wandering Sandbar (Nimbus, 2011); and co-author of  Spiritual Leaders: Top Picks (Visionary Insight Press, 2017); When Heaven Touches Earth, A Little Book of Miracles, Marvels, and Wonders (Hierophant, 2016) featuring James Van PraaghThe Empowerment Manual (Visionary Insight Press, 2015), and Breaking the Word Barrier: Stories of Adults Learning to Read (Goose Lane Editions, 2009).

And recently, I unearthed another hidden passion, a passion for writing movie scripts.

Basically, I’m just following the joy. Following the breadcrumbs the Universe lovingly scatters in my path, coaxing me deeper and deeper into my dreams, providing everything I need along the way. 

Write. Share. Transform.

And here's something else I discovered: I love to help others who’ve heard those same whispers; help them find and share their unique voices. Help them follow their joy and become passionpreneurs.

I know what you’re thinking (it's the same thing I thought). How will you “earn” a living? 

That takes care of itself. It’s built into the dream. When you do what you came here to do, that will become clear. 

Because it’s not about what you think you should do. And certainly not what your family or friends think you should do. It’s not even about what you think you could do that would make money. It’s about doing what you feel drawn to do. Like I said...what you came here to do. 

And when you find that, when your desire and passion and soul line’ll know it. 

No, you’ll feel it.

So write what is begging to be written, that only you can write. 

Then share your unique voice. It will transform not only your Self and your life, but by association, the world. 

I promise.

And by the way, I’m following my own dream of living and writing at the beach year-round. I recently obtained my US residency and moved from the East Coast of Canada to beautiful Mission Beach, California.

What kind of life do you want to create with your writing?