Intuitive Writing Guide

Thank you Wendy! You are an Intuitive Writing Guide. Just felt compelled to write that to you. It is how I see you. Not as a writing coach, but as a guide, mentor, friend, and confidant even. Has there ever been anyone who has been willing to serve people wanting to get their words out in such a way? I am going to say I doubt it. You might be the first. It’s what you’re doing with me. You are a radiant and beautiful soul. The world needs you... Thank you for being in my life! Much love ❤
— Linda Symonds, Author
Earlier in the fall we had an astronaut in to speak to our kids and, if only for a brief moment, it allowed them to dream; similarly, your presentation has an allure and magic to it that took our students to a different place - a place that will lend itself to a more caring and environmentally conscious society. Thank you for this.
— J. Hamilton: Principal (middle school)
Wendy I love these ideas, thank you! I feel tickled with excitement after our call today. I ‘m so grateful that I’m being supported with all these ideas and ways I can bring money into my business.
— Nikki Gangemi, Owner, Mindful Matters
I came away from our conversation feeling deeply heard, profoundly supported, and inspired!
— M. Wheaton, Writer
Wendy and I met through a series of events that could only be described as kismet. I “met” with her via Facebook video for a one-on-one session. We covered a series of topics, including how to make myself more visible as a writer and how to get over myself. She is lively and full of love. I completely recommend her one-on-one sessions to people who have general questions about being a writer.
— Mary Ann Miranda, Writer
Wendy Kitts is truly a heart and soul person. Her art is proof of this. More importantly, so is her genuine love of children, her philosophy of teaching and her understanding and respect for their imaginations, hearts and souls. Children who get to work with Wendy will be fortunate indeed… as fortunate as those of us who consider her a friend.
— Sheree Fitch, Author & Educator
My meeting with Wendy was such a blessing. Having someone hear my ideas for the book I had mulled over for years was so motivating. She took me easily to the next stage of what wanted to be written by my soul. The path of what’s next? A series of stories and steps to assist people to hear the nudges, understand metaphysical symptoms and heal what is holding them back from a high spirit life and the physical experience your heart and soul wants most of all and how to create that in the next phase of your life. As I got clear on that series and set up to write that, I get shivers and know it is meant to be. Thank you Wendy for the clarity - you make it so much simpler to do what I dreamed of for years.
— Fiona Robertson, Author

Writing & Editing Services

As I worked on writing the book for my law of attraction based program, synchronicities placed Wendy on my doorstep (literally). As a rookie in the writing world, her experience in the industry was paramount to creating a book that I’m not only extremely pleased with, but that my readers also loved. Working with Wendy was a high vibration experience from start to finish.
— Nick Breau, Author
I’ve just received the essay from Carolan Dickinson! It is AMAZING! She had wonderful words to say about working with you! It is beautifully written and the content is perfect for the book! Thank you for assisting her! I will certainly continue to send authors your way for edits! You’re a gem! Namaste.
— Katina Gillespie, Project Director, Visionary Insight Press
As an international independent publisher, I am connected to editors of all classifications ranging from comprehensive, copy-editing, developmental, proofreaders, sales-copy to substantive. Each of these types of professional editors has their own skill set and typically obtain strength in one of the given styles. I research editors often and I am grateful I was divinely connected to Wendy Kitts. In my experience with her I have come to the realization Wendy has the most advanced aptitude and flair in each type of editing. This is typically unheard of! She is accentuated as an Editing Director for the Visionary Insight Press authors and she shares her incredible talent so that each writer, including myself, has the opportunity to share their words of wisdom in an informative, entertaining and comprehensive manner which results in the writer showing up as their best and highest self. We are in gratitude for her and her service.
— Lisa Hardwick, Visionary Insight Press
Wendy is a dedicated professional. She edited a 90-page workbook for a workshop I created called LivinForFun. She was prompt and thorough with what I needed her to do, and her fees were very reasonable. She edited the original text while reformatting and adding simple but powerful graphics. One of the best things she did was use her experience and intuition to guide me in changing things that didn’t make sense to her. So in the end, what I actually intended came through more clear than my original writing! I would definitely use her services again in the future.
— Mark Carter, LivinForFun
Choosing Wendy as my editor continues to be one of the most important aspects of my writing journey. Her experience, intuition, and great editor’s eye have been invaluable. She’ll make you dig deep and have you expressing yourself in ways you never thought possible. What emerges through the editing process is astounding and liberating. Wendy has a great professional and friendly manner so the editing process is as easy going as it can be. I trust Wendy and know her to be honest and truthful. Most importantly, I know that I can trust her with my work. I’m looking forward to working with Wendy on future projects. Thank you Wendy, you totally rock! I look forward to more unfolding and emerging.
— Carolan Dickinson, Author
Wendy was extremely easy to work with and responsive! This was the first time I have ever written on a professional level. I was nervous when choosing an editor to work with but all that disappeared after our first email. Her reply times were very fast and attention to detail was great. She helped me bring all my random thoughts and sentences together into a beautiful piece of work. I could not have done it without her. I highly recommend Wendy Kitts if you have a project and you want it done right and look forward to working with her in the future!
— D.J. Lawson, Author
You are a Fing GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This script is so AWESOME. I can’t believe how great it flows and sounds like a real one man show. I am really speechless. You’re amazing. Thank you so much.
— Antonio R. Rosario, Writer, Actor & Musician
I recently had the pleasure of working with Wendy utilizing her editing services and couldn’t have been happier. Upon receiving the first round of edits back I knew I had found the perfect person for me. She offered suggestions that strengthened the piece while at the same time held true to my authentic voice – which is extremely important to me. Genuine, attentive and committed to excellence, Wendy will ensure that what you put out into the world is powerful and true to you! Great experience – superb editor!
— Carole Cassell, Author
Wendy Kitts is a special Soul who skillfully supports while gently empowering those she works with. Though I have written most of my life, I lack experience in editing my work to meet a publisher’s required format. Wendy asked clarifying questions and offered expert guidance to partner with me in editing my chapter. Even at times when I felt frustrated or deflated, her personal attention, generous time, and seemingly endless patience, inspired me to stick with the process.
Together, we successfully improved the structure of my delivery while honoring the heart of my voice and message. Thank you Wendy. I am grateful for you and your contribution to my success as a published author. I look forward to working with you again on my next project!
— Jani McCarty, Author

A Life in PJs: How to Sell Your Writing without Leaving the House (NEW - self-paced online workshop)

I’ve known and worked with Wendy for four years now. Wendy is my personal editor and the one writer I brainstorm with and bounce ideas off; she’s incredible. I didn’t know Wendy’s depth and breadth of knowledge about magazine writing, and I had no idea she has SO much experience. Watching this class completely lit me up! I can’t wait to start writing and pitching ideas. Getting a national magazine credit has been a long-time goal of mine and now I have everything I need to accomplish it! I highly recommend this course!
— Corinne L. Casazza, international best-selling author
I was so lucky to see an advertisement for the online version of Wendy’s “Life in PJ’s” course at just the moment I was looking into ways to expand my writing opportunities, but wasn’t sure where I should start. It turns out Wendy was the perfect instructor to start with because, from day one, she really makes you feel connected and supported. She is such an intuitive and caring instructor who is truly invested in your success, not just in the course, but also beyond it. Having the one-on-one chat with her at the end really re-invigorated my love of writing, and she helped me see my writing skills in ways I hadn’t even thought of before. I can’t thank her enough for all of her help and support.
— Erin Bowlen, Author

My Life in Pajamas: How to Start a Career as a Freelance Writer (workshop)

Wendy Kitts packed her blockbuster course ‘My Life in Pajamas: How to start a career as a freelance writer’ with helpful tips—so many things I didn’t know about freelancing in spite of the fact that I had been doing it for 30 years. I became convinced that if my husband’s pension plan failed, I could live by freelancing.
— Nancy Bauer, Writer (published in “State of the Art”, Telegraph Journal)
Great class!!! The perfect balance of creative and practical. She did a great job of demystifying freelancing - which before seemed as impossible to me as starting my own restaurant! Now I feel inspired to try freelancing. Wendy does an excellent job of personalizing job/writing markets for individual people in the class. She has great enthusiasm for the topic and her enthusiasm is contagious. This class was so much more than just a bunch of powerpoints. I was engaged and left feeling excited and inspired.
— Rhianna K.
Wendy’s workshop was fantastic. It showed, without a doubt, you can earn a living as a writer. Wendy inspired us to pursue our writing dreams by seeing the stories in our lives and finding an angle that will appeal to editors.
— Colleen Landry, Writer
It’s not just about ‘My Life in Pajamas’ - Wendy opens the whole kimono and tells the best secrets about how to be a successful and profitable writer. A refreshing instructor. Just take the course!
— Eleanor Austin, Writer
Wendy Kitts, you are a writer-in-training’s dream! Thank you so much for this insight, and for taking the time to provide individual, detailed feedback to me (and doubtlessly to everyone from the workshop who approaches you). You have such generosity of spirit, and true willingness to share and help.
— C.C., Writer
I had never thought about being a writer, but sometimes think I would like to communicate in a more quiet way to a wider audience. Wendy’s experiences proved that anyone can achieve success with the right tools, discipline, respect and determination.

Aside from functional literacy skills, I really had no tools, but after the weekend, I feel like I have benefited from her years of experience and that I could certainly launch myself in a writing career. My tool box is now full.... Wendy, you are obviously a capable writer but also a very capable presenter.
— Shelley Arsenault, Writer
When I came out of Wendy Kitts’ ‘pajama’ workshop, I felt like jumping up and shouting ‘Yes!’ I received so much good, solid information about how to proceed to get published. Today, I set up a writing area in my den and already sent a submission to a publishing house and entered a writing contest. The workshop was only two days ago. Imagine what I’ll do when I grow up!!
— Angèle Doiron-Bourque, Writer
My Life in Pajamas writing workshop was marvelous. You showed what makes or breaks a magazine query and how to write winning query letters. You gave great examples of how to turn one event into multiple story ideas for various markets. And you showed how to discover our niche. Best of all, you explained how you started from total scratch as a non-writer and ended up selling to Reader’s Digest, The Globe and Mail, Saltscapes, etc. In other words, you spurred us to do what we keep saying we’re going to do, but don’t: that is, start right where we’re at, don’t wait for the perfect moment, and keep on sailing from there.
— Gwen M. Writer & Editor
As a novice writer she provided many useful tips on how to begin a career as a freelancer - not only tips, BUT also contacts and publications to approach. It was a very rewarding learning experience. I look forward to beginning a new journey.
— Michelle Cain, Writer
I recently attended “A Life in Pajamas: How to Start a Career in Freelance Writing” - I highly recommend anyone who has an opportunity to attend one of Wendy’s workshops to do so. This is one of the most well-presented, interesting, and informative workshops I have ever attended.

Wendy makes an excellent instructor. Her warm, vibrant, down to earth personality makes her very approachable, as does her wonderful sense of humour, and she has a genuine warmth and caring for the people who attend. She is very encouraging, supportive, and giving of her time. This is far more than just an occupation to her. She truly wants each person who attends her workshop to succeed.

I came into this workshop with no idea of how to proceed in my dream of writing and I left in high spirits. Filled with hope and confidence that I can achieve my goal and equipped with the tools needed to get there. I’m eagerly awaiting her next workshop and will be attending any and all that I can. Thank you, Wendy, for showing me that my dreams CAN become reality!
— Darlene Norman-Brown, Writer
Wendy generously shares her knowledge and experience with aspiring writers. Her passion and encouragement was obvious and freely shared. Great tips and tools to get started.
— Margaret Wall, Writer
I really feel inspired after today’s workshop! So many tips and tricks that wouldn’t have been easy to find online. I liked the informal setup of the course with lots of room for discussion and questions.
— Kimberly de Silva
I wanted to take a second to thank you again - I was just hired as a casual columnist for the local newspaper here. Just a once a month thing for now but with amazing potential so I’m thrilled. My confidence has built because of you and your workshop. I’m still in awe of you as you are making a living from writing when so many who surround me believe it’s impossible.
— Sarah Butland, Writer & Author
Informative, helpful and inspiring! A nuts-and-bolts guide to launching the writing career that’s right for YOU. I left Wendy’s workshop empowered with the conviction ‘that I can DO this!’ I credit you 100% for getting me back on the creative path. :)
— Jennifer McGrath, Writer & Author
I am inspired - thank you Wendy for the push I needed. What once seemed so daunting has now been broken down into a very doable process. Can’t wait to get started.
— Ellen Doyle, Writer
All of the content was useful and I felt it was appropriate for anyone, regardless of their stage of development as a writer. It was amazing that we could all sit there in one place for that length of time completely focused on the topics. This workshop was just what I needed to help me make informed decisions about my future as a professional writer. It’s great to know I have a resource like Wendy, who has the experience which enables her to offer sage advice.
— Sue Rickards, Writer
Thanks for a well organized and informative presentation. The slides along with your personal knowledge was enlightening. You gave me a great foundation and lots to think about. I went away with enough material and knowledge to move forward. I also appreciate your offer to help by answering any questions in the future. I can tell you love what you do.
— Almira Michele, Writer
Thank you! I feel so inspired and motivated to get out there and write, and make money at it!
— Anonymous
This was a great workshop with lots of specific tips and ideas for putting yourself out there with your writing. I left feeling very motivated to send out some pitches. Thank you!
— Mylinh A.

Catching the Eye of a Book Editor

(workshop for the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)

I just wanted to say thank you for a most riveting performance at SCBWI last Saturday! Your delightful energy is a catalyst for all — wow!
— Trenace Rose
Your presentation at SCBWI was one of the most useful and inspiring I attended all year! What I really appreciated about it was that you shared the steps you took to actually make a living at writing. I love writing for children, and I also appreciate knowing that it’s possible to generate income, as that’s important to me as well. Thank you for sharing your story so openly with us.
— Anonymous
Thank you for the great workshop session. It was really info-packed with so many actionable things I know I can implement right away. Some things were an awesome refresher (and kick in the pants, so to speak, to get a move on) for this stage of my journey but I honestly learned so much more.
— Latanya West
Your talk on Saturday was so valuable to me! I am working on a magazine article, which is something I had not thought of doing. You really reframed the process for me and I am so grateful! Again, thanks for your generosity in sharing your story and suggestions!
— Bev Coalson
Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the SCBWI members at MayFest. You’re an inspiration.
— Karin Donaldson
It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday! I learned so much from your workshop. I also like your easy-going friendly vibe.
— Lauri Patton

From Idea to Pitch: The Facts & Fiction About Writing Nonfiction (workshop)

(WK) What did you like most about this workshop/ what was your biggest takeaway: “First of all, it helped me to overcome my doubts regarding my desire to write a book. Before yesterday I was questioning if, having English as a second language, I can be seriously considered as a writer. The joined efforts of all of you convinced me that it is doable. Thank you so much! Besides I learned some effective and practical techniques I am going to use in my writing efforts. In addition, you, Wendy showed me a new (for me) opportunity with traditional publishing I never thought of.” (Yakov Nayerman, Ph.D)


As a newcomer to the writer’s world, I strongly recommend the workshop ‘From Idea to Pitch: The Facts & Fiction about Writing Non-Fiction’ by Wendy Kitts to anybody who is considering writing a book, a blog or an article. Especially if you haven’t formulated a subject for your writing. Wendy will walk you through simple, but very efficient steps, which would allow you to find a lot of interesting, promising and marketable ideas sitting somewhere in your head, and ready to be printed ... you will be able to learn how to do the layout, organize it into chapters and sections, and ... be ready to start writing. You will learn about proposals and the process of promoting your writing to traditional publishing. Wendy does not cover the process of self-publishing, but almost all aspects of writing, you might need in your saga, could be very useful for the indie authors as well. Thank you, Wendy!
— Yakov Nayerman, Ph.D
Thank you so much! You just hit on what I love the most — telling the story with BOTH , photos & words. I get the most satisfaction when I use both. GOOD insight. Thanks once again.
— Lucy Wheeler
First I would like to thank you for a very helpful and supportive class. You are so well organized and very professional in both content and presentation. I most certainly will use the new skills and ‘right’ brain strategy you articulated so well. I appreciate your willingness to allow me to reach out and ask you questions while I am in this ‘new’ process for my brain. I would also perhaps at some point like to arrange an appointment with you to guide my steps, so as not to waste time.
— Chris Lotierzo

Accessing the Writer Within (workshop)

I think the most important story to write is the positive story I will tell myself as a result of today. Yes. I can!

An amazing array of tools and exercises from a short, one-day workshop. Thank you for the opportunity to work with some kindred spirits and great people. Thank you for creating a safe place for us to start our adventure.
— Anonymous
Thank you so much for your class today. The messages, tips and ideas you had were what I needed to hear and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. In fact, I plan to live a little less in my head and begin to listen to my heart a whole lot more. I’m sure our paths will somehow cross again and I look forward to that serendipitous time to happen. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing and for assisting my thought process to believe I am indeed a writer.

The positive interaction and self-enlightenment - irreplaceable! Thanks so much!
— Lucy Wheeler
OMG!!!! So super thankful!!! I loved the personal stories and real-life inspiration that you do this for a living when not initially on your radar. The intimacy of all of being so different yet so unified!!

[What was your biggest takeaway?] The tingling in my feet. My body’s response to the meditations...I went DEEP!!! Thank you!!! So much gratitude for all experienced!!!
— Rhonda Gill

(WK) What did you like most about this workshop/ what was biggest takeaway:

Learning tools to get into the zone, channeling and asking spirit guides for help. I can start writing a little each day and I have the tools to get going NOW.
— Shannon
Meditation. Push past your fears and limiting beliefs. Thanks, Wendy!
— Emily Walker
Accessing the Writer Within was a wonderful workshop from start to finish! I have been writing in one way or another every day since I was 6 years old. That’s 50 years of daily writing. I always answered, ‘if you were stranded on a desert island and could take an item with you what would you take?’ with ‘a pen and paper’, however, I never thought of myself as a writer. I simply thought, “I’m someone who likes to write.” Now, I know, I am a writer. This shift at an identity level is a transformation. Your workshop was just what I needed, when I needed it. You presented lots of valuable content in a well-organized manner, and you considered the needs of the group by providing ample time for questions, comments and personal reflection. The various exercises provided an opportunity for me to experience the concepts and the informative handout is a handy reference as I continue to develop my writer within.

I appreciated the various strategies you provided, especially the guided meditations. Reading my writing aloud was scary, and I almost said no. Yet, you successfully created a safe space for sharing; I felt supported by you and by the other participants. Reading my writing aloud turned out not to be embarrassing as I feared, instead it was empowering. Thank you!

What is my biggest take-away? I am a writer. That belief surfaced the day before the Accessing the Writer Within workshop. Your workshop was timely - it reinforced my new belief, and it provided practical strategies to assist me on my writing journey. I heard the writer within speak to me. That is my biggest take-away.
— Laura

Infinite Possibilities for Writers (workshop)

Infinite Possibilities is an empowering look at aspects of our lives we may tend to struggle with. Like a magnifying glass detailing the beauty of a dandelion to ensure we capture the beauty in each petal. This course offered a lot of opportunity to reflect and improve my daily life, to switch focus on what may be slowing me down so I can appreciate why it’s in my life.

Wendy was a marvelous host of a fantastic course which worked to empower me and shed some light on dark areas of my life. For that I thank her and highly recommend you participating at your first opportunity!
— Sarah Butland, Writer & Author
I’m thinking about it [work] a lot more positively now. I changed my perception to have a better perspective on my work and how it contributes to my daily life. I also realized through the whole process I’ve changed my definition of work and really have taken more ownership and focus on my writing. I can’t make any progress if I’m not taking inspired action and believing that what I want is possible ;)

Thanks so much again, Wendy. This course has been truly great and eye opening.
— S.M., Writer & Author
This workshop seems to have become part of my daily thought process. :) Each day I am making new discoveries....or coming up with more questions. I wanted to thank you, Wendy Kitts, for this opportunity and all that you shared with us. It has been a pleasure taking this journey with you all. I have a feeling that we are nowhere near the end of the sharing and growing.
— B.R., Writer
Perfect! I really like the quality of this program’s product - written materials are really well done, and you have been really good at guiding the discussion and challenging people to work harder on themselves. you are definitely where you should be, if I haven’t already said that!!
— Joanne Murray, Writer