Earlier in the fall we had an astronaut speak to our kids and, if only for a brief moment, it allowed them to dream; similarly, your presentation has an allure and magic to it that took our students to a different place - a place that will lend itself to a more caring and environmentally conscious society. Thank you for this.
— John Hamilton: Principal, Bliss Carmen Middle School, Fredericton, NB
You were the hit of the day, lots of wonderful comments from the students and my colleagues. Everyone wished we could have kept you longer. You have quite the knack for telling stories and keeping everyone focused. During my Language Arts class we discussed the importance of protecting Sable Island and the horses. Great discussion. Maybe you could visit another time.
— Catherine Glencross: Teacher, Port Elgin Regional School, Port Elgin, NB
Finally got an autographed book…read it last night. It is GREAT and what a strong teaching tool. I had no idea how GOOD it was!! Congrats!!
— Ginny Hill: Coordinator Writers-in-the-School, NB Department of Education
Many thanks to Wendy Kitts for completely capturing our students interest by inviting them to take a magical trip with her to beautiful Sable Island. Wendy proves that children are naturally curious about their environment and that learning about science and nature, geography and history, can be both fun and exciting and the place to begin is right here in our own backyard!
— Jocelyn Carter: Literacy Specialist, Arnold H. McLeod Elementary, Moncton, NB
Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation. The kids are still talking about you and the horses...you really made an impact here at Lou MacNarin School :)
— Denise Zwicker: Teacher, Lou MacNarin Elementary School
We really enjoyed your presentation. I could have listened to you all day! I hope we can work in another visit as I would love my other classes to have this opportunity.
— Tina Kelly: Language Arts, George Street Middle School, Fredericton, NB
Everyone enjoyed your presentation so much. The students are still talking about it today :). You have a very engaging, kind manner which children really appreciate.
— Jocelyn Carter: Literacy Specialist, Arnold H. McLeod Elementary School, Moncton, NB
I’ve heard many students talking about Sable Island since yesterday and I know you made an impression on many. Nick and Ashlee are going to give our class a little re-cap on what they have learned. Ashlee is already halfway through your book.
— Patty Fraser: Vice-Principal, Salisbury Middle School, Salisbury, NB
The students thoroughly enjoyed your visit. You had the students engaged and intrigued by your presentation.
— Karla Webster, Teacher, Riverview Middle School
Sable Island: The Wandering Sandbar is wonderful; I learned a lot about the island, loved the photos, it has a great balance of interesting information and pictures for kids. The aspect of the story that focuses on the children influencing the fate of the horses is an added bonus with current-day applications.
— Heather McKend: Children's Librarian, Fundy Library Region, NB
I love my book about Sable Island. So far I have read it all at least three times. The parts I especially like to read are about the horses. I was so shocked to learn that they used the horses to make glue back in the 1800s but that was only until all the schoolchildren wrote letters asking them to stop and now all the glue is made in factories and you don’t have to worry. Did you also know that the sand on Sable Island can sing when you walk on it?
— Chloe Jones: Grade four student, Magnetic Hill School
Wendy’s presentation was dynamic, with beautiful photographs depicting the unusual and rare scene found on the Island. Her incredible descriptions and photographs strongly told of the life that Sable Island fosters, from the few people, to the wild horses, to the marine life, structures from past and present, and the ever-shifting dunes. Wendy brought objects she found for the children to touch and experience, with a story to go along with each item. Wendy demonstrated the connection between passion, experience, and writing, and made it clear to the children that they can make a difference in the world using letter writing and active citizenship.
— Alison Smith, Literacy Mentor, Belleisle Elementary School, Belleisle, NB

Art & Soul - writing, art & illustration workshops

Wendy Kitts is truly a heart and soul person. Her art is proof of this. More importantly, so is her genuine love of children, her philosophy of teaching and her understanding and respect for their imaginations, hearts and souls. Children who get to work with Wendy will be fortunate indeed…as fortunate as those of us who consider her a friend.
— Sheree Fitch, Writer, Educator & Author of Mabel Murple, Toes in my Nose and The Gravesavers
An amazing opportunity for all students! Not only will they learn about art, they, and their efforts, will be valued. A sure-fire program to enrich student’s skills and self-esteem. Talented, creative, knowledgeable, professional, inviting, soft-spoken, and honest are all Ms. Kitts. A rare gem.
— Joan Allison, Elementary Teacher, Oromocto, NB/Children’s Editor, DreamCatcher Publishing
I have been working with Wendy for the past year as an extension of my Enrichment Program for School District 2 in Moncton, N.B. She has given workshops for elementary students as a member of the Writers-In-the-Schools Program, led a Congregated Day Workshop for Grade 4 gifted students on “Writing and Illustrating Stories” and she has used our schools for after-school Art Workshops. All these activities have been most successful. Wendy relates well to children, is able to encourage students to put their thoughts on paper and illustrate their work. She showed great patience during these workshops and was always well prepared. She’s very talented, we’re very pleased to use her in these capacities in our District.
— Ginny Dernier (Hill), Enrichment Consultant, NB Department of Education
My daughter participated in Wendy Kitts’ after school program Art & Soul for a year and enjoyed every minute of it. I found she experienced real growth as a student. Wendy helped her to expand her artistic skills, both visual and written, using imaginative techniques and a caring and encouraging approach to teaching that stimulated not only my daughter but her friends in the class as well. My daughter never wanted to miss one minute of the program.
— Barbara Quigley, City Clerk, City of Moncton and parent of Art & Soul student
When I went to Wendy’s class, I have to say it was one of the best art classes that I have ever taken. And I’m not kidding. I looked forward to going to her class after school. We got to learn so much stuff and she taught us new cool techniques for drawing. It was awesome. If you like art you will love this class!
— Tess Allen, 11 years-old, and Art & Soul student
Wendy was invited to our school as a guest author and illustrator recommended to us by Sheree Fitch. She was very well prepared, having tailored her activities to suit age groupings from K-5. She quickly and easily established a rapport with the children who were all very attentive to her.
— Nancy Harmon, Elementary School Teacher, Oromocto, NB
Art & Soul classes will provide your child with a memorable learning experience.
— Dorothy White, School Administrator, District #2