So it may sound corny, but writing is my bliss. And one I’ve been following since I unexpectedly fell headfirst into it in late 2000. I never saw it coming. I was just following a whisper from within.

And don't think those whispers don't pay. They pay extremely well. 

Surprised? I was too. Because I grew up believing the starving artist myth. But that was just a belief. And a belief is just a thought that you keep thinking, as Abraham-Hicks puts it.

So once I changed that thought, stopped buying into that belief, the money showed up. It had do. Because bliss equals abundance. An abundance of joy, an abundance of happy. And money is just part of the joy.

The Universe knows what inspires you to get your happy on. And financial abundance is a by-product, a side-effect, of joy. Read the fine print. It's inherent in the dream.

Think about it. There's no way the Universe would lead you to your dream just to leave you penniless and destitute.

It doesn't work that way.

In fact, the Universe is always conspiring on your behalf--on yours, mine and everyone else's. You just gotta let it do its thing. And, of  

I faced the fear of "not enough" over and over when I finally took the plunge. Well, not a plunge exactly, as much as being dragged kicking and screaming into my bliss. Or should I pre-game bliss.

Because I didn't know bliss would be the outcome, the result of what turned out to be a really bad day back in 1994. About 857 really bad days, in fact. 

But each of those bad days got a little less bad as time went on. Punctuated by real glimpses of joy as I learned the truth about Life.

And once I surrendered to the idea, surrendered to the truth that the Universe knows more about what would make me happy than I do, I did a cannonball. I jumped right in. 

"It all started with a seemingly innocuous choice to enter a writing contest at the age of 42"

Again, I was just following the whispers within. 

And I began to create my life, instead of living by default.

I created my life with my choices...instead of other people's.

Choice by choice. Moment by moment. Day by day.

And I created a pretty sweet life.

I can write from anywhere in the world—all I need is a laptop and an Internet connection—which for me translated into getting my US residency and moving to California so I could escape the Atlantic Canadian winters and live and write at the beach year-round.

Plus, I get to write in my PJs all day if I want to.

Which I want to...a lot. Though, now that I live at the beach, I'm often dressed and in my flip flops meditating on the beach shortly after the sun comes up every day.

And as a freelance writer, I’ve written hundreds of articles for publications such as the LA Times, More, Reader’s Digest, Pacific San Diego, and the Globe & Mail. I've had weekly columns reviewing kids’ and adult lit. I’m the author of seven non-fiction children’s books including Sable Island: The Wandering Sandbar (Nimbus, 2011) which got some great reviews and was shortlisted for several prestigious Canadian children’s choice book awards. I’m the co-author of Breaking the Word Barrier: Stories of Adults Learning to Read (Goose Lane Editions, 2009), about a subject close to my heart.

I’ve written everything from political speeches for national politicians to video scripts for info-graphics to booklets for the Olympics. And lately I’ve been taking my writing in a new direction, a more authentic direction, evidenced by my inclusion in several spiritual anthologies: Spiritual Leaders: Top Picks (Visionary Insight Press, 2017); When Heaven Touches Earth, A Little Book of Miracles, Marvels, and Wonders (Hierophant, 2016) featuring James Van Praagh; and The Empowerment Manual (Visionary Insight Press, 2015).

Just by following the whispers of the Universe. By following what showed up. By saying "yes" to Life.

Because the Universe always knows the best and shortest possible route to my dreams. Sometimes dreams I didn't even know I had—like writing. 

And looking back I can see how it all unfolded perfectly.

Not by my timing; but by Divine timing.

It only appeared as I was ready, as I let go of any preconceived ideas of what my life should look like; with each moment built on the last, delivering me to where I am today. And it will continue to build my tomorrows, which today may only be whispers. 

Your thoughts and your choices are powerful. They are literally creating your life. You are laying down the train tracks in front of the train of your life. In every moment. With every choice.  

So the question is, are you consciously making choices?

Or living by default like I did for many years?

Are your choices joy-full, or joy-less?

Not sure? Just look around. Look around at your life, your body, your world. It's all a reflection of yesterday's thoughts and beliefs. 

Beliefs like you can't make a living doing what you love. Beliefs that there will never be enough. Or that you're not smart enough, pretty enough, young enough, rich enough, talented enough...

You know the've been doing it all your life.

So stop already.

Just change your thoughts.

Think happy. Feel happy. Be happy.

It's as simple as that.

I guarantee it.

You can do it.

Starting now. 

Create the life you want and soar into the great unknown secure in the belief, a more joyful belief, that all is provided.

Yup. All.

And someday you too will look back at some seemingly innocuous choice and say, "Right there. Right there is when I started creating my life, instead of living by default. Right there is where I stopped worrying about how I'd make my writing dreams come true and instead just followed the joy, followed the whispers within."

May you always follow the whispers within.